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 DestinyXRM's GM Application

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PostSubject: DestinyXRM's GM Application   Wed Dec 31, 2008 2:43 pm

Real Name:
Lyoko Ribickis



Home Address:
47 Denmead House
High Cliff Drive

Email Add:

London, United Kingdom

*Dont Abuse GM Verbs/Actions
*Dont Cheat/Hack
*Dont Curse/Swear
*Be Helpful To Others ( Especially Be Helpful To The Owner ^^)
*Dont Spam/
*Do NOT Beg For Things: Penya,Items,Etc.
*Vote For The Server If You Think It Deserves To Be Voted Smile

Maximum time online:
6-16 hours

Maximum days online:
Every Day

Why do you want to become a GM:
*I Play Nearly 24/7
*Kind And Polite To Others

Experience and Background being a GM:
I've been a Co-Owner,Admin,GM on a few other game such as Byond,Forums,Etc.
Never Been GM On A Flyff game Before

FlyFF exp:
Been playing Since V7-V12 Now looking For A Good Private Server (By The Looks Of It, This Game Will Be Great Fun Smile)

Why should we get you as a GM:
*Helpful In Alot Of Ways Such As Telling Them What Sells What Where, What Mobs Are Where, What To Click On For What To Appear, How To Put Volume Down Up On Fly For Rawrz And Alot Of Others Things.
*I Dont Abuse My Verbs

Brag about yourself here ^_^:INot Much To Brag About, But Hope Im In Very Happy

Gl Everyone Else Who is Applying For GM

Happy New Year Everyone!
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DestinyXRM's GM Application
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