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 GM Application (Gintoki!)

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PostSubject: GM Application (Gintoki!)   Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:18 pm


Real Name:
♂ Wind Nguyen


Student and I work pattime at a coffee shop.

Home Address:
37 Lachlan St. Macquarrie , Canberra, Australia

Email Add:

+10:00 GMT

My rules are simple:
*Respect and be respected, ( Since this is the root of all the problem)
*Be rational, act rational.
*No Abuse at all time.

Maximum time online:
2 hours - 8 hours a day, but its all depends. Im on my summer break.

Maximum days online:
7 Days a Week

Why do you want to become a GM:
I guess i ve been around for long enough, Im a very straight foward person, one with manner do I do have the respect for people who derseved it.
I act rationally, I do what my heart tell me to, I do the right things. And I dont enjoy being abusive.

Experience and Background being a GM:
NOT on Flyff but I was Gm for a few others private sever games like Ragnarok, WOW, ETC

FlyFF exp:
Been playing it for a while now, so I have a certain knowledge that could be of help to other players

Why should we get you as a GM:
I'm a very humorous and creative person, Im doing marketing and management in real life, I can come up with plans and campaigns that will help your sever stand strong and keep growing. Also for a plus I speak decent English , Vietnamese and some Chinese. !

Brag about yourself here ^_^:
I'm Great with Computer, and I'm really good at game online, I m not saying that I m a game- addict. I do have a balance life, I do have and love my real life outside the game as well. So people I hope u guys do the same things .

Happy New Year Lads!
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GM Application (Gintoki!)
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