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 GM Application (iBheY)

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PostSubject: GM Application (iBheY)   Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:55 pm

Real Name:Melin


Job:Still a student

Home Address:Tarlac City Philippines/Isabela

Email Add:bey_122485@yahoo.com


GMT:+8:00 GMT

Rules:dont dare the server and also our GM's especially admin

Maximum time online:5 hours in school days and 24/7 every weekend if needed ^_^

Maximum days online:7 days a week

Why do you want to become a GM:to help players, GM's and admin especially those new comers or newbie

Experience and Background being a GM:I've been a GM in 4 flyff private server named novaflyff,flyforhouse,rhighflyff and xlyxorxun

FlyFF exp:i have many experiencce ingame

Why should we get you as a GM:i know the commands and i have a copy of them ^_^ i want to help you out guyz

Brag about yourself here ^_^: game addict
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GM Application (iBheY)
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